Canada’s provincial and territorial slogans

February 20, 2009

A few preliminary questions.

  • Do you know your province’s or territory’s (or state’s) slogan?
  • Do you know the slogan in its original language?
  • Does the slogan in the original language matter?
  • Does the meaning of the slogan matter to you?
  • Does the slogan affect you in any way?
  • Do you know each of your neighbouring provinces’ or territories’ (or state’s) slogans?
  • Do those slogans matter to you?
  • Do they affect you in any way?

The following is a list of Canada’s provincial and territorial slogans in their original languages (Latin, French, Inuktitut).

  • British Columbia: Splendor sine occasu
  • Alberta: Fortis et liber
  • Saskatchewan: Multis e Gentibus Vires
  • Manitoba: Gloriosus et Liber
  • Ontario: Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet
  • Quebec: Je me souviens
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Quaerite prime regnum Dei
  • New Brunswick: Spem reduxit
  • Nova Scotia: Munit Hae et Altera Vincit
  • Prince Edward Island: Parva sub ingenti
  • Yukon: –
  • Northwest Territories: –
  • Nunavut: Nunavut Sannginivut

The following are those same slogans, but translated into English:

  • British Columbia: Splendour without diminishment
  • Alberta: Strong and free
  • Saskatchewan: Strength from Many Peoples
  • Manitoba: Glorious and free
  • Ontario: Loyal she began, loyal she remains
  • Quebec: I remember
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Seek ye first the kingdom of God (a quote from the Bible)
  • New Brunswick: Hope restored
  • Nova Scotia: One defends and the other conquers
  • Prince Edward Island: The small protected by the great
  • Yukon: –
  • Northwest Territories: –
  • Nunavut: Our land, our strength

As of January 24, 2009, the following are the only two government websites with additional slogans on their websites:

  • British Columbia: The Best Place on Earth
  • Manitoba: Spirited Energy

BC’s slogan, The Best Place on Earth, is placed on nearly all government produced things, including posters, pamphlets, official correspondence, coffee mugs, etc. I don’t know about the situation in Manitoba or any other province or territory.

Now, a look at the slogans on vehicle license plates* in Canada’s provinces and territories:

  • British Columbia:
    • Beautiful British Columbia – (since 1964)
    • The Best Place on Earth – (since April 2007, special edition) **
  • Alberta:
    • Wild Rose Country – (since 1974)
  • Saskatchewan:
    • Land of Living Skies – (since 1998)
  • Manitoba:
    • “Sunny Manitoba” & “100,000 Lakes” – (1971-1975)
    • Friendly – (since 1976)
  • Ontario:
    • Keep it Beautiful – (1973-1981)
    • Yours To Discover – (since 1982)
  • Quebec:
    • La Belle Province (The Beautiful Province) – (1964-1977)
    • Je me souviens (I remember) – (since 1978)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador:
    • The Mighty Churchill – (1969)
    • A World of Difference – (1993-2002)
  • New Brunswick:
    • Picture Province – (1958-1971)
  • Nova Scotia:
    • Canada’s Ocean Playground – (since 1972)
  • Prince Edward Island:
    • The Place To Be … In “73” – (1973-1975)
    • SEAT BELTS SAVE – (1976-1980)
    • Home of “Anne of Green Gables” – (1993-1999)
    • Confederation Bridge – (2000-2003)
    • Birthplace of Confederation – (2003-2006?)
    • Canada’s Green Province – (since 2007)
  • Yukon:
    • Land of the Midnight Sun – (1953-1970)
    • Home of the Klondike – (1971-1977)
    • The Klondike – (since 1978)
  • Northwest Territories:
    • Canada’s Northland – (1966-1969)
    • Centennial – (1970) ***
    • Explore Canada’s Arctic – (since 1986)
  • Nunavut:
    • Explore Canada’s Arctic – (since 1999)

* Data obtained from

** BC’s special edition “The Best Place on Earth” license plate is intended to support the 2010 Winter Games. 130,000 have been issued since October 23, 2008. Source:

*** Northwest Territories’ 1970 “Centennial” license plate won the inaugural ALPCA Plate of the Year award in 1970; indeed it is a truly special design. ALPCA is the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association, founded in 1954.

Prince Edward Island’s slogans:

Prince Edward Island’s slogan, “The small protected by the great”, is, in my opinion, a perfect slogan. It is humble, timeless, and dear. And it seems that PEI’s government has recognized that, and has left it be. PEI’s license plate slogans on the other hand are often changed, in fact, they change with the times: I don’t know what it was like in 1973, but apparently PEI was the place to be; lives lost in car accidents were apparently an issue in the mid to late 70s, and PEI was proactive: they used their license plates to promote an important concept; looking further, Anne of Green Gables… Confederation Bridge… Birthplace of Confederation… these where milestone’s in PEI’s history. Their slogan “Canada’s Green Province” is clearly due to the current issue at hand: global warming. PEI is being proactive again. Every single PEI license plate slogan is a statement of something relevant to the times. It really seems that this is the best use of a license plate slogan: something which can be used to make a statement about, or bring awareness to, something relevant to the times. PEI gets an A+ on slogans, hands down.

If you disagree with BC’s slogan, The Best Place on Earth, please sign the petition asking for it to be changed:


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